Nutrition and Fitness Matters – Exercise During Pregnancy – Mom-ercize

Exercising during pregnancy is good for everybody concerned.

It helps manage weight gain, improves heart function, and can help prevent high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. It also improves muscle tone, strength, and stamina -– which will come in handy the day you deliver.
Here’s what it won’t do: It will not make you more likely to miscarry. It will not increase chances your baby will have low birth weight or be premature.

How much exercise you can do will depend on your pre-pregnancy exercise regimen, and any current medical conditions. Discuss all this with your doctor. But if you’re having pre-term labor, vaginal bleeding, or premature rupture of the membranes, STOP. Don’t exercise.

What kinds of exercise are safe during pregnancy?

Water workouts are wonderful. So is a stationary bike. But your blossoming belly on a regular bike is risky. Relaxing yoga is fine. But don’t lie motionless on your back for too long. It can hinder blood flow and cause dangerous drops in blood pressure. And avoid hot yoga … and anything else that gets you overheated, especially during your first trimester when your baby’s organs are forming.

NO contact sports. NO tennis, roller blading, rock climbing, snow or water skiing. And absolutely NO Scuba diving.

If you haven’t been exercising, it’s never too late to start. But start slowly and build up gradually.